Mayr Corporation

Mayr is the technological and market leader in the field of mechanical torque limiting clutches and supplier for systems in a wide spectrum of the mechanical and electrical power transmission and control technique ranges.

Never compromise on safety

We make no compromises where safety is concerned. Only top products of a perfect quality guarantee that no people are injured or machines damaged in case of operational malfunctions, collisions and other hazardous situations. The safety of your employees and machines is our motivation to always provide the best and most reliable clutches, couplings or brakes.

Mayr ® power transmission holds numerous ground-breaking patents, and is the global market or technological leader for

  • Application-optimised safety brakes, for example for passenger elevators, stage technology and gravity loaded axes
  • Torque limiters to protect against expensive overload damage and production losses and
  • Backlash-free servo couplings.